10 Statistics To Keep In Mind When Developing Your Social Media Strategy


Here are 10 statistics to keep in mind when developing your social media strategy. You either have or are creating a strategy, right? Social media is becoming a channel that you can’t ignore. Correct, it IS a channel you can’t ignore. Most small businesses understand that, but so many approach it the wrong way. It’s…

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LinkedIn says 81% of Small Businesses Use Social Media, But How Many Actually Do It Right?

classic bell curve, social media bell curve, facebook bell curve

Earlier this year, LinkedIn announced that the results from a survey showed that 81% of small business use Social Media. Not surprisingly, of those businesses that us SM mainly use it for marketing purposes. It’s no wonder that LinkedIn would be excited about this study. More businesses using their platform means more potential advertisers. In…

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Keegan Divant And Imagination Labs Featured In Valley Business Front

Valley Business Front article on Keegan Divant and Imagination Labs entitled Confessions Of A Bootstrapper

The Grandin Colab recently held its grand opening. At the event, I had the opportunity to speak with Tom Field, publisher of Valley Business Front. When he asked me how the Colab has helped my business, I had no idea that I would be featured as the guest interview. This has been an exciting month…

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This Site Will Tell You How Much Time You’ve Spent Watching Your Favorite Shows

how long is breaking bad

Someone has decided to show us how much time we dedicate to our favorite shows. Be forewarned, you may not want to know. On top of telling you how many days, hours, and minutes you’ve spent on a single series, it also aggregates it for you. That way, you know just how much time you…

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Awesome April 2014 Wallpaper Calendar For Your Desktop


Regardless if you use paper calendars or your cell phone to keep track of the day, these wallpaper calendars are too awesome not to use. They come from Smashing Magazine, which is a great resource if you’re a web designer. By the way, you can click on any wall paper to see a preview of…

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Introduction On The Fly


I introduce myself and what I plan on doing with “On The Fly…” Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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How To Create Exciting Content In A Boring Industry


The name of the SEO game is content, content, content. If you want your site at the top of a Google page, you better be creating quality share worthy content. But not all of us get to work for Hubspots or Heyos, where quality content is an article on the latest web news. Here’s a…

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How Well Do You Know The History Of Social Media?

Did you know LinkedIn is officially older than Facebook? What about 2013′s social media ad revenue was 6.1 Billion? Check out the infographic below to see how much you didn’t know about social media. History of Social Advertising  

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4 Reasons Your Website Sucks

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad websites out there. Worse, not everyone knows why their website is so bad. I don’t want to sound overly critical. A website should continually be improved every day through testing and clearly defined goals. But, it’s the lack of these goals that contribute to a website that falls…

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Why Your Definition Of The Cloud Is Wrong


When the subject of the cloud is brought up, most people immediately think of off-loading data to a third-party. Suddenly, there’s talk about security concerns. It’s a valid concern. But that’s not what the cloud really means. Simply put, the cloud is a model for allocating resources. On a consumer level, it usually means that…

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